We help back office organizations get things done.


In our initial consultation, we will utilize our experience to determine and assess what your needs may be.


A leader to assist in team formation, training, documentation and reporting to keep your project on task and every one on the same page.


Experienced telecommunications project team members with the knowledge and focus to execute.

The Core Approach

Back office organizations regularly have to do more with less. This means projects are often pushed to the back burner and people with the best skillset may not be available.

Our clients utilize our project-focused professional services, our full-outsourced services, or both to bring in the skills needed to get projects done right.

Our professional staff, management, and leadership share extensive experience in all types of telecommunication systems and equipment. We help you assess, budget, and plan timelines and milestones for projects large and small.

we specialize in

CORE provides experienced industry subject matter experts to assist in obtaining the needed systems, understanding and implementing the right processes, while ensuring you are loading and using clean data that will allow quick access to accurate information. The back office systems and process needed to support organizational infrastructure are critical in todays world. While growth and technologies are both expanding, engineering, planning, provisioning and operations groups are being asked to accommodate with fewer resources. Software and systems are a key to support the needed gains in efficiencies.

CORE brings experienced teams of industry professionals with years of experience who will know your systems and understand your environment. The transition to technologies like Metro Ethernet and VOIP, bring multiple challenges to Provisioning, Installation and Grooms.  More and more organizations are pulling resources for network enhancement projects, while simultaneously working to stay up with current growth on both the backbone and new revenue.

New technologies are changing network architecture and equipment configurations seems like almost daily.  As operations organizations work to adapt to accommodate these new challenges, much of the legacy portions of the network must still be supported and maintained.  CORE can provide teams of experienced, versatile problem solvers to step in and assist where needed most in any situation.  CORE has the framework, intellectual property and reputation you count on to maintain the high level of quality you expect from your network.

The technological landscape is evolving at an ever more rapid pace.  It can be difficult for engineering and planning groups to stay on pace with enhancement projects, while accommodating network growth.  CORE offers multifaceted engineers, certified and experienced across multiple vendor disciplines, ready to hit the ground running and help you stay ahead of the curve.

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