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A rule of thumb used as a shortcut to calculate the impact a monthly change in recurring revenue (or cost) will have within a budget year.
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In-Year Impact & Starting Month
If we assume cost reductions are evenly spread throughout the year, a cost reduction executed the first month of the year will recur 12 times; a cost reduction executed the second month of the year will recur 11 times, and so forth.

If you add all these up, (12+11+10+9+8+7+6+5+4+3+2+1), you get 78.
Thus, if a project that runs all year long is expected to reduce netex by $2K per month, the in-year cost savings from that project will be $156K ($2K x 78).

Similarly, if sales are expected to be $4K per month, the in-year revenue from those sales would be $312K ($4K x 78).
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Want to read more?
Here is a helpful blog and infographic from Wingmate.
While the discussion on the blog is applied to sales, as discussed, the same principle applies to reductions in any recurring cost.

The Core Approach

Back office organizations regularly have to do more with less. This means projects are often pushed to the back burner and people with the best skillset may not be available.

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Our professional staff, management, and leadership share extensive experience in all types of telecommunication systems and equipment. We help you assess, budget, and plan timelines and milestones for projects large and small.


In our initial consultation, we will utilize our experience to determine and assess what your needs may be.


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