Smart Home Tech You Didn’t Know You Needed

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1. Smarter Coffee

– lets you grind and brew your coffee beans using your smartphone to control it
– makes up to 12 cups of filter coffee at once
– “Welcome home” and “wake up” modes can be edited to begin the process based on your geo-location or set timings
– works with If This, Then That

2. Nuimo Home Controller

– made by German company Senic
– smart home controller
– small, disk shaped device that can be synced with your connected tech (Sonos music, Nest heating, and Philips Hue lighting, etc.)

3. Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link

– you can heat or cool a room remotely using a synced-up smartphone app
– within the app you can set the device to automatically monitor, react, and purify based on your preferences

4. Xiaomi Mi Vacuum

– has a higher suction rating than iRobot’s Roomba and Neato’s Botvac
– cheaper than the alternatives
– room recognition tech, including a laser distance sensor and real-time mapping and positioning
– the app lets you check the live status of the vacuum, switch between 3 cleaning modes, and set schedules for automatic cleaning

5. Nanoleaf Aurora

– smart, modular lighting
– lets you display lighting panels in a huge array of designs and create custom scenes on the companion smartphone/tablet app
– panel system made up of triangle shaped lights; up to 30 in one group
– compatible with HomeKit and Alexa

Adapted from an article on Forbes

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